Friday, January 30, 2009

OMG more FOL

Oh man, I'm still G.L.O.W-ing about FOL! Ahaha get it? G.L.O.W.-ing, as in their last single G.L.O.W. that was released as a digital 45 along with SuperChrist and was a playable and downloadable track off Guitar Hero World Tour. Spin Magazine Online put out the commercial on their website, and it was just so awesome.

"Can I please just talk to you?
Here it's deep and drained and blue
Come on and feel our love
Come on and feel our love
Come on and feel our love


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where the Blue Jays Migrate

With teams reporting for spring training in less than a month, I have perpetually awaited some news of the Blue Jays making a move, and nothing has indicated that JP is going to get into the mix, well he has signed Mike Maroth and Matt Clement, but please, they are both damaged goods. So right now, their starting lineup consists of possibly, Roy Halladay, Jesse Litsch, David Purcey, and those two if they can stand out enough during the Grapefruit league. The Jays really need bat power, and they don't got any of that right now. It's going to be another tough year at the Skydome, I mean Rogers Centre.

Bloggin bout Blago

Whoah, I go to and their big headliner news thingy was Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich being found guilty by the Illinois State Senate, 59-0. He was impeached by the State House with one member voting nay for his impeachment. I guess when prominent Chicagonian lawyer well known for defending high profile people with uphill cases (Conrad Black, another former governor who is still in the klink) backed out of defending Blago, that was probably a sign that he was screwed. Though I do agree with Mr. Bighair that this does set a bad precedent, technically he is still innocent yet both houses found him guilty and have removed him from his post and barring him from future elected office in Illinois but I can see how this can backfire for those involved in leaving this man out to dry, Blago is found not-guilty in a court of law, and he makes his money by touring the tv outlets and other media forms, and one day the people of Illinois demands that he be allowed to run again which would bode very not well for those that voted for him to be striped of his duties.


Oh my goodness, I guess staying up late does serve a purpose, a very beneficial purpose. I just found out that in a few short days (though they'll seem long), the Smashing Pumpkins will debut a new song, entitled FOL during the SuperBowl pre-game. It might go right before the kick-off. The song will be used in a Hyundai commercial for one of their non-domestic p.o.s., anyway, I like the pumpkins, so I'll take a gander at the pre-game - and then after scouring the internets for the release of it, I'll probably end up buying it at iTunes - I'll come back and check out the half-time show which features Bruce Springsteen as entertainment. I remember watching Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers rocking out last year and I'm expecting big things from the Boss.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Carousel of Nations.... Not

Earlier tonight, me and my roommate Steven went downstairs to the Soph Carousel for next year's applicants. I was sort of dreading it because I already went through a Staff Carousel (seriously carousels and group interviews seem to be like Western's theme or something ahaha) and that staff one was like 4 hours long, so I wasn't really relishing the fact that I had to do it again. Anyway it's over now.

George Out.

Monday, January 26, 2009


So today I got some blackberries.... the fruit, not the phone. Anyway, I think it's my first time eating them, and ugh, I don't know I was expecting a sweet taste, apparently the middle of the fruit is bitter, so I guess it's like eating a small grapefruit or something, but this wasn't what I expected so I'm kinda let down by it all. George approval index: 2.5/5

Electronic Shopping

Ever since I got my credit card back in November of 2008 (weird saying 2008 as last year), I've been happily ordering stuff online ahaha, be it or or wherever else. The only negative aspect of this that I don't necessarily see the charges on my credit card right away and could have easily slipped into debt pretty quickly but due to my clever financial moneuvering, I am now in the green like I should be ahahaa.

Friday, January 23, 2009


There perhaps isn't an album that I love as a whole more than the one that came out on July, 07, 2007 by the Smashing Pumpkins titled Zeitgeist. There haven't been much love for this album, only being certified Gold in the US of A around 8 months after it's debut. But, this album is what really got me into the Smashing Pumpkins, and boy, am I glad that I give this album a listen, and today it became my only album to get 5 stars for every single song on the album in my entire library.
Also, today President Barack (weird saying that), called Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and discussed his upcoming trip to Canada. I guess Prez Obama is taking an easy one as his international debut as the president of the free world by going to a country that is considered very friendly towards Democrat Presidents. Though, Barack, at least during the Democratic Primaries posed the biggest threat to NAFTA among all of the candidates. So it was weird seeing how most of Canada rooted for the man from Hawaii. I guess the love-fest continues.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Further Conquests of Josh Ritter?

Okay, so the first few posts will be recycled from facebook.
Okay, so I've been a real big fan of a singer called Josh Ritter, and in case you don't know who it is and would like exploring some new music, I recommend the album "The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter", and you'll notice that's where I borrowed my very clever title from. Or if it's individual songs that you fancy, I recommend "Good Man" which was played on an episode of House, and "To the Dogs or Whoever". Well anyway, so I was listening to one of his live albums and I made myself a promise, that I would go see him if he comes near me, ie. Toronto or Detroit or something in between. So I take a look at his tour dates, and it goes something like this:

January 07, 2009 Tokyo, Japan
January 30, 2009 Kodiak, Alaska
January 31, 2009 Anchorage, Alaska
July 04, 2009 Cork, Ireland

At first, I was extremely disappointed, because those are the only shows he is doing for the first half of the year. But then, it dawned on me, why is it that there is a long break in between the Anchorage and Cork shows? Break? Possibly, he's been touring pretty much non-stop, however I think he's also planning on recording another album, he hasn't had one out since the last one, "The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter" in 2007 and he usually has an album out every year or every other year, so I think it's due and I hope this is why he has such a long break.

I'm back, for good this time... fo sho

Okay, so I realized that I said I was coming back, and that was like more than a year ago, but this time, I'm back, for good, at least for the time being aha.