Monday, March 23, 2009

So Long Jimmy

I'm usually a very frequent visitor to the site, but I haven't been to since March 20 Friday afternoon. I go on that site today, and guess what, in my absence from visiting the site, some legit news actually happened:



The SMASHING PUMPKINS' guitarist, singer, songwriter and founding member Billy Corgan has announced that drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has left the group. Chamberlin joined the band Corgan founded in Chicago in 1988 and played on all their albums except Adore (1998). Corgan will continue to write and record as SMASHING PUMPKINS with plans to head into the studio this spring.

The only good piece of news in this blurb is, that Billy plans on releasing more music, hopefully in album format *fingers crossed*. Ever since he said they're done with albums, I was sorta weird-ish about it all. Now what makes me wonder is, it's been a couple of days now, how come there are no new developments? Like, how about the reason why?!? Man, I'm pretty peeved, but at least Billy is doing what he does best, he's soldiering on, and I've always sorta expected this day to come, where Jimmy won't be by his side anymore, just because some of the stuff that Billy says are pretty wonky. At least they aren't going on hiatus, like my other favourite band (Red Hot Chili Peppers I'm talking about you!)

So now when Billy and Jimmy's appear on the Chris Isaak Hour in a pre-taped episode, it's going to be pretty weird, since this was taped back in November of 2008, man will they even show this episode anymore?

Another note of interest, Jimmy's other band, which is aptly named The Jimmy Chamberlain Complex, which has been on hiatus ever since the Pumpkins got back together, there seems to be a test post on their new blog and apparently, JCC just registered for a twitter account, so who knows if the recent activities of JCC are connected to JC leaving SP.

Oh and please, no Kenny Aronoff, that creepy guy with the goggles who replaced Jimmy back on the Adore tour. Wooo, how about Chad Smith from the Peppers? That would be a good way for me to lay back on the Peppers need to get their sh!t together and get back together.

Oh and, where the hell is the media on all of this? Like seriously, are the Smashing Pumpkins so insignificant and or by-gone that something of this magnitude isn't even news-worthy? Or is it because there is a significant amount of information missing from that short blurb that was posted on the Pumpkins website?

Oh and Billy, if you are reading this, or someone from Irving Azoff Management, I played the drums in grade 5 music class, it was a mixed class, grade 5/6 so I'm better than a drummer from a class of straight up grade 5s, because there were grade 6s in that class too. Okay, sweet deal.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Fogh is Lifting

Does this name ring a bell? Jaap de Hoop Scheffer? Nope? Didn't think so. Though, that man fills a pretty important position, the Secretary General of NATO. And apparently he's leaving that post soon. And the person that seems to be the favourite to replace him is Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. However, Defence Minister Peter Mackay seems to be in the mix too. Now I know at least one person who would root for Mackay to take the position, drumroll please.....
Elizabeth May! See, she's already committed to running again in Mackay's riding of Central Nova, and with Iggy already committing a Liberal candidate in the next election there, her chances of coming out on top are very slim. So if Mackay leaves and goes to Europe, or wherever NATO is headquartered at, the riding will be Mackay-clan free, which hasn't been the case in a good decade plus. And speaking of Iggy, he was in the news twice today, once for phone calling Brian Mulroney cus it's his b-day and another is that Iggy and top Liberals are meeting in their Quebec provincial lair discussing party tactics for an upcoming election if that happens.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get the Hell outta hur Bill

Bill, Bill, Bill, why oh why are you still sticking around? I'm of course not talking about Bill Clinton, but rather another Bill, this Bill in fact worked for Bill Clinton, then backstabbed Hillary and joined the Barack bandwagon and then was rewarded for his Judas Iscariot tendencies with a plush job at the Commerce Department, which is way better than being the top dawg watching over a state named after the country that Texas is so deftly trying to protect itself against and then he had to give that plush cozy job up because he was under investigation by the Federal Bureuau of Investigation. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! I'm talking about Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico. He's back in the headlines, well at least at He's signing into law, putting a stop to death sentences in his state. In what was once a pasttime for the whole family, is now something that is apparently to be ashamed of. Though I cannot claim to support the death sentence just because of my fear of incompetance by those working for the system, I'm just sorta peeved that this man has not had the decency to step down.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not so Chipper are we?

I've followed this edition of the World Baseball Classic pretty much from start and to the anticipated finish. And one thing is for sure, it's sorta on the drawn out side of things, like please. But today I read what a certain someone who plays 3rd Base on the Atlanta Braves and Team USA said. He was like, we had to stay a week in Toronto to play 3 games, and it ain't Las Vegas that's for sure. Well Chipper Jones, I'm calling you out, it's not like Hotlanta is anything like Las Vegas either, so STFU! Oh and don't get injured please, I need you in my fantasy pool.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Team Canada: From FTW to WTF?!

When Team Canada announced their lineup for the World Baseball Classic, my initial reaction was sweet, let's take a look, but when I saw the inclusion of no marquis MLB pitchers (and there are plenty of them), I was sorta worried. Names like Rich Harden, Ryan Dempster, Jeff Francis, Erik Bedard and *cough cough* Eric Gagne were not on the list. Almost all barred from playing because of their proven records with the DL list. But going in, I was still thinking, they can do it, they beat the mighty US of A last time didn't they? And they did, 8-6. And this time, the game was real close, even with sub-par pitching names, they lost 5-6. So in a do-or-die situation against Italy, I thought, no problemo. Uh, the pitching was pure BS. And subsequently, they got downed 6-2. Man, that was a letdown, in an almost sure game, the boys didn't pull through. But that's sports, you never know what will happen. I'm just hoping the next edition, and I'm hoping they don't wait another 3 years before hosting another one, Canada will do better.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reppin' It

Our boy Cannon is reppin' Canada in the Middle East, May is still a bitch, and Iggy Pop is doing good work.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon is meeting with both Benyamin Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni, one of whom will be the next Prime Minister of Israel. Oh and I spelled Bibi's name right, I think that's like how they spell it using some sort of translation from his Hebrew name or something. I know, weird.

I wasn't refering to the month May earlier, but rather Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who doesn't seem to get it, she had her best chance during the last election, MacKay was sorta unpopular and Green politics was all the rage, now that we are going into a recession, or rather we are in one and heading steady towards depression, she'll get even less attention from voting public, not to mention Dion didn't run a Liberal candidate against her in Central Nova, which gave her an upper edge cus she didn't split votes with another leftist party, but with Iggy Pop running the Liberals now, he's running a full slate of candidates, which means 308 ridings will be targeted, barring any last minute withdrawals, and that means May is out of luck.