Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Long Jimmy Pt. 2

The title is not only a homage to Jimmy Chamberlin, it's also a homage to that song by James Blunt, but that's not all! It's also a homage to the song I Am One Pt. 2, which up until a few days ago, everyone thought was a newly written version of the classic song I Am One, written for the 20th Anniversary shows, but I'll get to that later.

The drummer auditions were a couple of days back, in some unannounced location, to determine who would replace Jimmy Chamberlin, who has recently left The Smashing Pumpkins. *Insert side-rant*

I used to always wonder, if it was "The Smashing Pumpkins" or, "Smashing Pumpkins", but Billy cleared it up for me, and everyone else, when he and Jimmy appeared on that CBC show, hosted by that George S. dude. I think the show is called "This Hour" or something. I remember George's transition into introducing the band, and the way he did it, it was so unassuming and I wasn't even expecting The Smashing Pumpkins to be the featured guests, because he was talking about grunge, Nirvana, alternative, Radiohead, stuff like that, and I remember thinking, well, he has to at least mention Red Hot Chili Peppers, which he didn't, but I soon forgot once Billy and James showed up! (This was my pre-go to days) Yeah, so it's official, it's "The Smashing Pumpkins", according to Billy. So it bothered me alot, when the Pumpkins were on this new show called "The Chris Isaak Hour" and he kept calling them "Smashing Pumpkins" *side-rant over*

So, back to the drummer auditions, I remember reading how there were originally 600 applications, and then people on the o-board (official forums) kept raving about some dude named 1111phil11111 or something, I think I got the number of 1s incorrect, anyway, I took a listen, sure, it sounded good, but I don't know, chalk it up to bad audio or something, but it didn't sound very good. And I guess whoever did the screening, wasn't too impressed with him, because he didn't make the cut, and wasn't invited to the auditions on April 14, because the pumpkins site did an interview with him and he expressed exasperation that he wasn't getting any new information, so that means he dun make da cut. Then, they reported, that there were now well over 1000 applicants. And there were many people registering on the o-board, and creating threads asking where the auditions were going to be held, because they had heard no additional information.

There was also this pretty peculiar thread, where the guy said, how he already bought the ticket to LA and was already staying at a friends house, and how he always wanted to do this (I don't know about you, but no shit he'd like to do this, if Billy said, "George, come to LA and be my bitch for a year, I won't pay you or anything, but you get to chill with me 7-8pm on Sundays, every other week, I'd for sure do it!) Anyway, the guy was saying, that he was there, and he wasn't going to stay if he wasn't going to get any more information on the process, so I quickly responded, in an effort to defend Billy, and up my post count secretly wishing I'd get flamed for my attitude, thus providing the venue and opportunity to retort and watch my post count sky rocket, but the logic isn't there, if you are already there, you paid for your ticket and you are already in LA, why don't you stay and see what happens? Like, it didn't make sense at all, cus according to the dude, he was about to just get up and go back to Denver or wherever he is from.

Tonight, there was a nice sneak attack on the homepage, a sort of wrapup of the auditions, it said how they auditioned 12 people (out of 1000+!) and one was a friend of the current guitarist, who their band "The Lassie Foundation", I think I can come up with a better name than The Lassie Foundation, how about replace Lassie with a word that starts with a Pu and the rest stays about the same, but change the ie into a y, keeping the double s. The other person of note, was the drummer for.....


Yup, John Dolmayan of System of a Down auditioned for this, now this is strange, I'm guessing John Dolmayan doesn't know anyone close to Billy, cus had he come forward, like in early March with his interest to play with the Pumpkins, I don't think Billy would even have done this whole audition thing, because that's usually how it works, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers got Dave Grohl to cover drums for them, when Stan Lynch was going through his initial stages of menopause, and Tom Petty would eventually move on to use Ringo Starr on his solo album, so the industry ties are there and that's what usually prevails, so it's sort of a shock to see this happen the way it is. Not to compare apples and oranges, or as Billy likes to spell it, Appels + Oranjes.


SOAD do seem to have quite the following, and judging by their album sales, in 12 years, they have sold around 20 million albums worldwide, maybe cus the whole band is like Lebanese or something and the great people of Lebanon are supporting their home grown.....
were you expecting me to say terrorist - muscians, but from figures that I have, the Pumpkins have sold around 18.5 million albums in the US, though they celebrated their 20th anniversary last year, technically, their first album came out in 1991, and they were broken up from 2000-2006 and Zeitgeist came out in 2007, so really, they've only been around for 11 years, but that's me playing fast and loose with the rules and the RIAA.

So here's to John, maybe you'll make the cut, going from a really popular band to another really popular band, maybe that dude from the Pv$$y Foundation will make it instead, or maybe that 1111phil111 dude will be douche enough to bitch about it and Billy gives him the job just cus he wants to show phil how much he sucks, who knows.

Now, onto my reference to the I Am One Pt. 2 song, recently, Smashing Pumpkins archivest, Zachary Quinto (someone I think on netphoria called him a rat bastard, and I don't know why they did that, but I like the name and it's stuck to Quinto, in my regards), so, rat bastard Quinto shocked the mailing list when he said I Am One Pt. 2 is actually from 1989, oh snap, oh no he didn't!

But yeah, that's what happened, and I hope he knows what he's doing in the Pumpkins archives, cus like, I will pay to just look at that thing, it must be like, the holy grail.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Toronto Blue Jays?!?

Holy Crap! During the off season and during spring training, I was way down on the Jays because I perceived them to be at one of their lowest of lows in a very long time. With the exodus of AJ Burnett, BJ Ryan sucking balls, Sean Marcum and Dustin McGowan out (how typical of pitchers to do that), I had very little faith left in the team, and with hitting as bad as last season (supposedly) I thought that this year would be a struggle to fight to be not-last place in the highly competitive American League East division. But boy was I wrong! It turns out the hype around Travis Snider and Adam Lind were pretty accurate, as I've seen both play and boy, they sure can hit! I remember reading this one blog analyzing OPS, slugging and other hitting stats, claiming that with the arrival of long-time manager Cito Gaston, that the Jays had improved significantly in hitting over the team that John Gibbons had managed. And yeah, I can see the difference, though this might just be the effects of other teams pitching not up to regular season par, since the Jays were hitting collectively around .233 in spring training, and that isn't a very good batting average, so I don't know, but as of right now, I'm sold on this team, and its players, batters like Marco Scutaro, Scott Rolen, Kevin Millar, Adam Lind, Aaron Hill have been so fun to watch, and so far I've seen the whole rotation pitch once, and they're all really good, I was impressed with the rookie pitchers Ricky Romero and Scott Ritchmond, and Doc was as excellent as ever.

So, keep up the good play, and watching how the Yankees are not doing so great even with their new cash-infusion of talent (AJ Burnett among that cash crop), the Jays might have a chance! They finished last year with a record of 86-76, and they were 11 games out of the division lead, it's not that much of a stretch to see this new hitting behemoth of a team squeeze out another 10 wins and they might just come out on top!

Jays record: 4-1

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review: Inkheart

If this blog site would allow me emoticons, and Roger Ebert had theoretically not trademarked his two thumbs review system, I would give this movie two very big thumbs down (N) (N)!!!!
Maybe I was cranky because I was tired, but this was one really bad movie, Brandon Fraser was disappointing, he was sorta acting like a stick, and that little girl in the movie must be down-syndromed or retarded, cus there were times where I was going, please, what are you doing? Such as blurting out Toto's name and revealing to the bad dudes that she could also read shit out of books, or when she gave away to the bad guys that the chick caught in the net was her mom. And there were some serious reality checks needed for the people in this movie, such as this dude named Dustfingers, who keeps on like, double-crossing or screwing over George of the Jungle and his downed daughter, like come on man, if I were George I would have abandoned his ass.

Overall Plot:

George and downed girl searching for books, downed girl has no idea why and bitches about it, does not follow apeman's instructions and some shit happens.

They go to downed girl's great aunt's house, who is played by the Queen. She seems mean, and really weird, like mentally crazy messed.

That dude previously mentioned who will screw over apeman and famjam, does so, the bad people show up. Soon apeman's powers are revealed, we see crazy shit like a unicorn, minotaur, and other fantasmagorical creatures.

There's this really babe chick who can't talk, turns out she's apeman's wifey. Screwjob finds out lets her escape but doesn't actively help to reunite her with her family, and even though he was supposed to help her escape, he unlocks her chains but when she gets stuck under a crumbling building or something, he just leaves her there, like what?

More shit happens, they bring along some thieving dude from Ali Babba or Alladin or something. They go find the author, author gives them manuscript, downed girl finds out she can read too, the Queen bails on them, author backstabs too, everyone's back at the bad dude's castle.

More shit happens, nothing really exciting, turns out the top bad dude kept a copy of that book with him so he could bring some dude named the shadow from the book.

The girl reads, and her pappy had a plan to screw the whole thing up, but downed girl almost f'ed everything up cus she started to read, which I will give her, she had no choice but to, but she read way to fast, like come on, let's not get too excited here downed girl.

Greedy author writes another passage downed girl reads it and all the bad dudes disappear and the castle was lit on fire by Ali Babba and screw-job.

Basically the end.