Sunday, August 2, 2009

All-Star Lineup

I've been thinking, if I could create a fantasy all-star band with whoever I wanted, who would the band consist of? Well, I think I've finally decided on an answer.

The main problem I used to have was that I was putting Billy Corgan on lead vocals, and that messed things up, but I watched a video of him recently playing just guitar and he was awesome, just rocking it out (I still think it's too bad someone had to die, but his tribute concert saw Billy rocking, and my being able to finish this list and also I got to hear a new BC song).

So here goes:

Lead Vocals: Jon Bon Jovi
Backup Vocals: Jeff Tweedy
Lead Guitar: Billy Corgan
Rythm Guitar: Tom Petty
Bass: Flea
Keyboards: Dennis DeYoung/David Bryan
Drums: John Bonham/Jimmy Chamberlin

Roadie: Bono

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