Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bloggin bout Blago

Whoah, I go to and their big headliner news thingy was Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich being found guilty by the Illinois State Senate, 59-0. He was impeached by the State House with one member voting nay for his impeachment. I guess when prominent Chicagonian lawyer well known for defending high profile people with uphill cases (Conrad Black, another former governor who is still in the klink) backed out of defending Blago, that was probably a sign that he was screwed. Though I do agree with Mr. Bighair that this does set a bad precedent, technically he is still innocent yet both houses found him guilty and have removed him from his post and barring him from future elected office in Illinois but I can see how this can backfire for those involved in leaving this man out to dry, Blago is found not-guilty in a court of law, and he makes his money by touring the tv outlets and other media forms, and one day the people of Illinois demands that he be allowed to run again which would bode very not well for those that voted for him to be striped of his duties.

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