Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tinted Windows :|

What happens when Taylor Hanson smashes a pumpkin, drinks from a fountain belonging to wayne and turns a cheap trick on a street corner? Tinted Windows. That's right, the new "supergroup" (and I'll explain my slant on supergroups later). Tinted Windows consists of Taylor Hanson of Hanson fame (if you have no idea, just think Jonas Brothers but not a Disney product), James Iha formerly of The Smashing Pumpkins on guitar, Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne on bass and Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick fame on the drums. It sounds good, on paper, in terms of the guys involved, except Hanson, he seems alright but he's not a rock sorta guy you know? And unfortunately, as the front man he I guess gets to decide what the direction the band takes, and it's that pop crap that Miley, the Jonas' and whoever else like Back Street Boys or the newly reformed New Kids from the Block or whatever it's called are trying to sell. Now, I would say, good for them, make some money while your doing this thing that you want to do, but come on, if these guys were like in their 20s or something then I can see this thing rolling along, but James is in his 40s, so is Adam, and Bun there well, he's creeping up on 60. Taylor is the odd-man out, clocking in at 25. But like, I can't see girls getting behind such a band, especially with a guy who's name is representative of what he looks like and almost a senior citizen. No disrespect to Bun, he does his thing with Cheap Trick, but seriously, they aren't going to be picking lots of teenage girls.

Now, onto the topic of a supergroup, maybe I have been skewed in my view, because of what I have seen, but I guess Tinted Windows is closer to what I would consider a supergroup, cus when I think that term, I think all-star team of rockers, but some groups have not shaped up to my expectations, such as Zwan, as much as I love Billy and Jimmy, but it's basically the Smashing Pumpkins (or rather the reformed pumpkins) with some dirty mexican on bass and another one on guitar and some white dude named Sweeney on guitar. Come on, that ain't a supergroup! I mean, if it were, then the new Smashing Pumpkins should be classified as a supergroup. I mean, when compared to the Travelling Wilbury's no "supergroup" can match up. I mean please, Bob Dylan, Ray Orbison, Jeff Lyne, Tom Petty and George Harrison! That's a hell of a team right there.

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