Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get the Hell outta hur Bill

Bill, Bill, Bill, why oh why are you still sticking around? I'm of course not talking about Bill Clinton, but rather another Bill, this Bill in fact worked for Bill Clinton, then backstabbed Hillary and joined the Barack bandwagon and then was rewarded for his Judas Iscariot tendencies with a plush job at the Commerce Department, which is way better than being the top dawg watching over a state named after the country that Texas is so deftly trying to protect itself against and then he had to give that plush cozy job up because he was under investigation by the Federal Bureuau of Investigation. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! I'm talking about Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico. He's back in the headlines, well at least at He's signing into law, putting a stop to death sentences in his state. In what was once a pasttime for the whole family, is now something that is apparently to be ashamed of. Though I cannot claim to support the death sentence just because of my fear of incompetance by those working for the system, I'm just sorta peeved that this man has not had the decency to step down.

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