Monday, March 9, 2009

Team Canada: From FTW to WTF?!

When Team Canada announced their lineup for the World Baseball Classic, my initial reaction was sweet, let's take a look, but when I saw the inclusion of no marquis MLB pitchers (and there are plenty of them), I was sorta worried. Names like Rich Harden, Ryan Dempster, Jeff Francis, Erik Bedard and *cough cough* Eric Gagne were not on the list. Almost all barred from playing because of their proven records with the DL list. But going in, I was still thinking, they can do it, they beat the mighty US of A last time didn't they? And they did, 8-6. And this time, the game was real close, even with sub-par pitching names, they lost 5-6. So in a do-or-die situation against Italy, I thought, no problemo. Uh, the pitching was pure BS. And subsequently, they got downed 6-2. Man, that was a letdown, in an almost sure game, the boys didn't pull through. But that's sports, you never know what will happen. I'm just hoping the next edition, and I'm hoping they don't wait another 3 years before hosting another one, Canada will do better.

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