Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reppin' It

Our boy Cannon is reppin' Canada in the Middle East, May is still a bitch, and Iggy Pop is doing good work.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon is meeting with both Benyamin Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni, one of whom will be the next Prime Minister of Israel. Oh and I spelled Bibi's name right, I think that's like how they spell it using some sort of translation from his Hebrew name or something. I know, weird.

I wasn't refering to the month May earlier, but rather Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who doesn't seem to get it, she had her best chance during the last election, MacKay was sorta unpopular and Green politics was all the rage, now that we are going into a recession, or rather we are in one and heading steady towards depression, she'll get even less attention from voting public, not to mention Dion didn't run a Liberal candidate against her in Central Nova, which gave her an upper edge cus she didn't split votes with another leftist party, but with Iggy Pop running the Liberals now, he's running a full slate of candidates, which means 308 ridings will be targeted, barring any last minute withdrawals, and that means May is out of luck.


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